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The skin can grow along with the age but unceasingly has the change, how but youngful backwards the time. This changes the irresistible fact?
With medical cosmetology, we adopted the incorporation of science and the wisdom of nature to develop high quality formulas for today’s health-conscious consumers. EMC, researched and produced by Dr. Frank Schlagenhauff from Switzerland, is a set of products makes you surprised! Dr. Frank Schlagenhauff is proficient in cosmetology as well as skin structure, whose favorite quote is, “The current technology is way beyond you can imagine. The general products we have now can no longer satisfy the consumers (efficacy, natural and simple use). In addition to satisfy to the world consumer, our products can treat the serious skin problem in this century. Create a new generation of EMC Enhance Metabolism Catalyzer series. This is completely new “Peel technology” Skin Peeler and “Nanotechnology sebaceous gland” Enhance Metabolism Catalyzer EMC technology. It was accurate penetration to the dermal cell layer. It can effectively decompose the melanin “we call the compound is Tyrosinase” of the present in its outer layer, the epidermis. The EMC Treatment is professional treats the Freckle, Pimple/Acne, Scar/Wound, Whitening, Fine Line, Allergy Skin that effect significant.




  • Freckle
  • Acne
  • Scar
  • Treatment



We are sincerely by the sincerely concern. You have brightened the young slippery flesh. The whiten skin appearance which lets you obtain most satisfied protecting!



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