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ARÛMEE Pro-White Aqua Essence 30ml

ARÛMEE Pro-White Aqua Essence 30ml
ARÛMEE Pro-White Aqua Essence 30ml ARÛMEE Pro-White Aqua Essence 30ml ARÛMEE Pro-White Aqua Essence 30ml ARÛMEE Pro-White Aqua Essence 30ml
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ARÛMEE Pro-White Aqua Essence 30ml

New energy resource of the skin, ARÛMEE UV Whitening Line enables us to cherish clear and bright skin


It is an exclusive whitening product, which can easily penetrate into a conglomerate of waste on skin such as a sort of freckles caused by growing melanin cell due to ultraviolet rays exposure. BHA factor is supposed to encourage skin to turnover, and it helps that whitening factors are absorbed into dermis making a layer of keratin soft. Some whitening factors like Kojic Acid, Glabridin, and Vitamin F, which are intended to inhibit to grow melanin, are able to make skin brighter.


How To Use:
- Arrange face with toners
- Apply and spread, massage-like, whitening cream on specially spots of sort of freckles

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